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  1. Hi there Madox, please could you contact me, Im hoping that you might be able to help me. I purchased a TL-WR703N
    a few days ago, and managed to blindly find my way through the chinese menu system and locate the Flashing area in the html interface. The info i found on the internet pointed me at this firmware flash openwrt-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr703n-v1-squashfs-factory.bin I managed to flash the box with this firmware, i rebooted to find there was no web interface, i managed to login via telnet i set a psswd it then disabled the telnet access and i then used Putty in windows to allow me to access the box over SSH, im now stuck at this point as i work under windows ive not used Linux very much at all. Ive always used DD-Wrt on past router projects which had the web interface by default. Please can you help i carnt install Luci via the internet using opkg update because i have no internet access for the router, Im wirelessly connected to the internet at home and have no access to th main internet router as i live above a shop and they allow me to use there wifi, Please can you help can i prepare a usb flashpen drive kind of thing to put files on then install them on the TL-WR703n router or some how reflash with a openwrt that has the web interface or am i missing something do i need to turn the web interface on thank you regards RIchard your help would be much apprecaited thanks

    1. What OS are you using? How are you connecting to the router? Via a wired connection? Do you have a webserver on your PC or Python or willing to install Python?

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