Mecanum Wheel Rover 2

Mecanum Wheel Rover 2 (or 1.1)... mmm floating switching regulator looks funny
Rather than calling it a reprint of the original, I would like to think of this as a ‘MkII’ improvement.  Slight modifications to the 3D models to make it easier to print as well as use more common parts.  A servo frame has been added to the Thingiverse ‘Thing’ collection as well as frames for the batteries and Chumby/Insignia Infocast.
This is not really a refined product but an idea to be shared and improved upon by others.  e.g. the Chumby/Infocast frame might be useful to others.

Mecanum Wheel Rover – Reprint with slight improvements

Reprinting the Mecanum wheels again for someone else but decided to improve the design somewhat.  One of the most common questions by new users of the Up! 3D Printer is how to remove the raft.  The raft is one of the love/hate things of the Up! printer, some people want to get rid of it without understand the importance of it.  Some thoughts and tips on this ahead…

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3D Printed Whistle – Thin & Flat (WTF)

I’m really pushing the limits of my backcronym ability 🙂  I present to you another WTF!  This time a whistle.

The design originally was intended as a pendant for my niece that’s customized with her name and printed using wax and cast into sterling silver… it was originally 3 tone too…

...and pink...

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