3D Printed Whistle – Thin & Flat (WTF)

I’m really pushing the limits of my backcronym ability 🙂  I present to you another WTF!  This time a whistle.

The design originally was intended as a pendant for my niece that’s customized with her name and printed using wax and cast into sterling silver… it was originally 3 tone too…

...and pink...

However the design has to be simplified in order to be printed ‘hassle free’ using the Up! printer that’s based on a FDM process.  Complex overhangs either end up sagging or require support structures that are impossible to clean in such an enclosed space.  Inside the wall edges have a 45° chamfer applied to minimize the need for a support structure.  This is intentionally done on the ‘side’ as printing and applying the chamfers in the ‘tall’ orientation affects the air chamber flow too much it almost makes no sound.

Don’t know where the chain holder ended up in the simplification…you can always add it back yourself.

Printed using Up! printer, fine settings, 0.2mm layer,  solid fill, raft settings – dense=4, angle<40, area<10mm.

Works straight out from the printer even without removing it from the platform!  Blew into it and it sounded 🙂

Whistle - Works straight out from the printer! This is the orientation you need to print in.

Oh did I mention I’ve been a good boy and uploaded the files to Thingiverse already?  Here you go :-


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