Internet Shopping

Its really frustrating whenever I want to buy something but forgotten the name/URL of the shop…  Online shopping is convenient because I’m in Australia but also poses problems with shipping costs from overseas…

//Yes Internet Shopping is a project!

Electronics / Prototyping Stuff – LOTS OF COOL STUFF!  China based, reasonable shipping with free postage for orders above $50. – Hobby RC items such as servos as cheap as $2.  HK based, reasonable shipping (HK Post) – Misc electronics modules and stuff.  China based, reasonable shipping.  Has eBay store. – Lots of useful modules are really good prices.  China based, has eBay store with ‘free shipping’ to keep things hassle free. – Really small geared motors are semi-reasonable prices. – Seriously 🙂  From chips (probably knockoffs) to LEDs eBay has them all.  Great for hackable items like Wii Nunchucks, USB Joysticks etc. – Electronics, prototyping components. US, reasonable shipping (USPS). Not included because of expensive shipping :- Sparkfun, Pololu

Laser Cutting / 3D Printing : – Laser cutting and 3D printing services from various hubs (US, NZ, UK, Germany).  Reasonable shipping from the NZ hub to Australia but does not include 3D printing. – 3D printing with ‘free worldwide shipping’ (i.e. included in price).

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