Toys from China – Remote Control Beer Caddie With Guns!

No seriously I mean it, toys.  Not electronics gadgets or a new laptop but real toys.  Albeit toys you probably don’t want to give to your children.



This thing is AWESOME. Felt the joys of being a child again opening a cool present… but seriously with that turret it is not a toy for kids!  It’ll also happily carry two cans of beer around the place for you (only had soft drink to test it with…oops out of beer…).

It was originally purchased to be taken apart… but I don’t think I’ll have the heart take this beautiful thing apart.  Maybe just the turret can be dismantled…its probably too dangerous on anyway 😉

PS : Not in anyway affiliated with the manufacturer or trying to sell any…

PPS : This is a 1 minute post just bragging about this wonderful toy…

PPPS : Somewhere a Roboraptor photo sneaked into the gallery below…oops…

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