Sometimes when it doesn’t rain, you know its going to pour soon…

OK so I’ve been silent on all fronts, on new posts and on answering requests in comments.  Sorry but its been hectic these past few months.

Though to make up for it, I’ve been an eBay/Shapeways/Ponoko shopaholic for the past week and a flood of new goodies should be arriving for me to make new erm general “weird shiat” , which hopefully ought to be interesting!

  • Hyperboloid Stool
  • Monofilament Chair
  • GLID Transmutation Circle
  • Cufflinks!
  • Wifi Router Rover
  • Teeny Weeny Solar Boat
  • “My 5 cents worth” [Unless someone wants to donate to me about 500 2 cent coins, any currency]

Coming soon…Stay tuned… 😉

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