Super Miniature 3D Printed Pump using Up! (PP3DP) Printer

Posted the original ‘Miniature’ 3D Printed Pump to Thingiverse because someone requested it, didn’t expect the huge number of comments and feedback on it. Β I think a few Reprap/Makerbot users were jealous of the resolution of the Up! printer so I figured I’ll up the ante a little bit more…

I present… Super Miniature 3D Printed Pump! Β [Micro is reserved for something more ridiculous…] :-

That is an Australian 50Cent Coin...

Read on for a few more photos for scale and the obligatory video demonstration/test …

A pen might be a better scale comparison for some people...
Or maybe a standard servo? Straight from the printer with support structures still on...
Without support structures everything is so much smaller...

Go to Thingiverse to download the STL files :-Β

PS : Yes I do realize I can use a smaller motor πŸ™‚ This long one was just for laughs πŸ˜›

13 thoughts on “Super Miniature 3D Printed Pump using Up! (PP3DP) Printer”

  1. “I cant believe its not injection molded” its so tiny. I got an up printer a week ago and I want to try this just becuase its so small. I dont think I have a motor that small or a reason to use it.

  2. Simply fantastic !
    Was wondering for a while if it was possible to print pumps and miniature water distribution systems on simpler 3d printers for ages πŸ™‚
    Added to my “must print” list!

  3. How did you isolate the impeller from the motor to prevent the motor from shorting mate? Interested in different types of pumps which could be made but it’s always the issue I run up against.

  4. Could you share the info about the motor you are using for the miniature pump?
    Possible to modify it to use more standard motors?

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