3 Generations of Naked Chumbies

Just got my 3 Insignia Infocasts (3.5″) today, so I immediately tore one apart for a quick tear down.  Photos ahead along with side-by-side comparisons to the Chumby One (PCB), and I found a naked Chumby Classic lying next door too…

Non-naked vs Naked Infocast 3.5"

I had pretty low expectations of the Best Buy Insignia Infocast, considering the price (It was on sale for $39.95 over Xmas!) and the photos from Billy’s Tear Down (Link here).  Bunnie’s (the hardware guru/designer) blog had fantastically detailed photos which showed the main PCB with dodgy connectors…

My actual first impression is that the Infocast actually bests the Chumby One at least in industrial design of the case, if not the build quality.  The shiny plastic does make it lose a few points as it won’t age as well as the Chumby One, but overall it is very well built.

Read on to view the gallery of pics!

Noticeably different things between Infocast 3.5″ & Chumby One :-

  • Different LCD – Different Ribbon Cable, different ZIF connector on the main PCB.
  • Different connector orientations (one is even on the reverse side) – means my Temporary Chumby Casing doesn’t quite fit…
  • Missing Lithium Battery Compartment, connectors and some components which should be…
    • P100 – JST B3B EH A (Connector)
    • L100, L101 – BLM18PG121 (Chokes)
    • U300 LM2621 (Step Up)
    • U301 TPS2113A (Auto Power Mux)
  • Missing Chumbilical…replaced with good nice DIL pin outs of DIO, I2C and USB 🙂
  • Infocast is clearly marked with “Falconwing MP2d 07/10″… wonder where the schematics are…
  • The Chumby One PCB has an extra USB-A connector footprint as an option for the ‘squishy’ casing, missing on Infocast.
  • Infocast comes with just US power plug 😐 Chumby One came with a suite of US/Japan/Australian/European plugs on the plugpack.

Otherwise all the goodness of the Chumby One seems to be on the fantastically priced [at least on Weekends…] Infocast 🙂

Looking forward to the Infocast replacing the Chumby One as the brains for the Mecanum Wheel Rover (Video)!

Gallery (Full resolution pics!)

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