Temporary Infocast Frame

Small frame to put the Infocast PCB + WiFi Riser PCB on, if you saw the 3rd Mecanum wheel test video you might have seen the WiFi Riser PCB shaking like hell 🙂  This puts a stop to it.

Speaker and Bend sensor connector is blocked off.  If anyone is interested in the STL’s, drop me a note and I’ll email it to you.

Quick and nasty rub’n’buff is quite nice, beats plain white but the photos don’t really show it well.

Wifi Riser Support is secured by 2 M2x8 self tapping screws
Some connectors blocked but SD card deliberately accessible

3 thoughts on “Temporary Infocast Frame”

  1. Yeah 2 hours! I had to get out the freak’n hot air gun. Those USB casings are quite the heatsink.

    I didn’t see that you added another USB to the C1. Soldered to the board (special on the C1 right) or via the hacker through holes? I have all 3 USB’s on the Infocast. Camera, WIFI, 1MBaud TTL serial setup.

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