Low cost robot/RC ideas…

Did you know…

A Baby Orangutan B-328 can be be purchased from RobotSimple for $19.45 USD with free worldwide shipping?

Add to that a nRF24L01+ module that can be purchased from their eBay store for $6.93 USD with free worldwide shipping?

That’s $26.38 USD for two modules that can form the basis of most little robot projects, remote control toys or remote sensor applications.

Not affiliated with either store, just a happy customer 🙂

Note : Baby Orangutan may need to be modified to use the two modules together

e.g. I’m removing the LDO voltage regulator and driving both the nRF24L01+ module and the Baby-O using a 3.3V LiFePO4 battery, connecting to the ‘Vout’ pin of the BabyO.  Connecting 2 LiFePO4 batteries (6.6V) to the Vin gives me some ooomph to drive motors using the onboard TB6612PNG H-bridges.

Oh and those dual shock USB controllers on eBay that go for $6 delivered (‘free worldwide shipping’) have two nice joysticks and 2 motors inside 🙂  Joysticks can easily be interfaced to the Baby-O and the motors can be used for…well anything.

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