Chumby Infocast GPIO Python Library

Just a quick and nasty python library for configuring/reading/writing to the GPIO header on the Chumby Infocast.  Probably can be adapted to be used on the Chumby Hackerboard quite easily.

Source code here :-

Example usage :

chumby:/mnt/storage# python -i
>>> import chumby
>>> gpio = chumby.GPIO()
>>> gpio.set_direction(0xFF)
>>> gpio.write_output(0xFF)
>>> gpio.clear_output(0xFF)
>>> gpio.set_output(0xFF)
>>> gpio.toggle_output(0x01)
>>> gpio.toggle_output(0x01)
>>> gpio.set_drive(0x55,0xAA)

Works quite well. Need to tidy it up and maybe add i2c support…

1 thought on “Chumby Infocast GPIO Python Library”

  1. I found it useful indeed! I have been using the Infocast’s webserver to run IO via the USB port(Infocast to FTDI to Arduino clone). This is much more tidy for basic IO.

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