Quick Post – Up! 3D prints with updated fan holder

Just a quick post on the new fan holder (aka “Wind Barrier V7”) for the Up! pp3dp printer that I’ve been trialling for a couple of days.  The previous holders blew onto the extruder heatsink whereas the new design blows partially onto the model.

I’ve had the design for a while now but have been procrastinating and sat on it for a while.  That is until seeing how well an Ultimaker worked with its ducted fan attachment.

Jumping to the results, it actually works alot better!

  • The models come off the supports really easily now <— This is the most noticeable
  • ‘Undersides’ and supported surfaces are alot cleaner now
  • There appears to be reduced warp, since the top layer is cooled down immediately after extrusion.

Off topic, but there is a duck in those photos… it looks a bit weird but its a prototype.  Plus the weird details like the screw thread attachment serves  well to show how cleanly the supports come off now (I only used my hands in all the photos below!  Seriously!)

Photos after the break.

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1 thought on “Quick Post – Up! 3D prints with updated fan holder”

  1. Awesome! I’ve been experimenting with the something similar, but was blowing the air across the entire platform. Lately though, I’ve just been throwing in a sacrificial pole to make the extruder “pause” between layers.

    Did you move the existing fan on the extruder head (the one that blows on the heat sink) or did you add a second fan?

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