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The ‘OddBot‘ is a Mecanum wheel base derived from Madox Rover. The design is similar but the OddBot has far superior documentation and more practical mounting arrangements.  The common ‘flaw’ is that they both use a rather expensive controller (Chumby), the OddBot LaunchPad is a replacement controller that costs $4.30 shipped.  The demonstration here uses a cheap eBay Wireless NunChuk as the controller, though this component is not necessary if sensors and other controls are connected to the Launchpad. This brings the electronics cost of the platform to approximately $20 [$13.60 (Servos) + $4.30 (Launchpad) + $2.00 (Battery Holder + Wires)]. The 3D printing cost is probably in the order of $5-$10.

The files for the OddBot Launchpad are supplementary to the OddBot and does not contain the 3D files for the wheels etc.

The files are located on Google Code :-


The code is written for mspgcc ‘Uniarch’ with a Makefile to install the program using Ubuntu + mspdebug.

This demonstration was mainly an exercise for me to familiarise myself with the msp430 LaunchPad + value line chips.  What little “documentation” there is exists in the comments of the oddbot-launchpad.c file.

As usual there is an imperfect demonstration video that goes with it (the rotate is in the wrong direction in the video) :-

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