Larger Mecanum Rover – 3D Print Gallery

iPad in iPad view with TL-WR703N camera mounted
iPad in iPad view with TL-WR703N camera mounted

No actual write-up goes with this post other than a gallery full of photos for 3D printing enthusiasts.  This was an exercise to demonstrate how large models can be printed using the Up! printer [Hah! if you buy use this affiliate code please!].  The hub of the wheels are about at the limit of the platform size of the printer but the body is constructed in a modular manner.

The rover itself is driven by 4 cheap continuous rotation servos like the original, interfaced with a cheap MSP430 Launchpad and controlled by a wireless Wii Nunchuk.  The webcam in the photo above is connected to a TP-Link TL-WR703N which acts as an access point and streams to any WiFi device with a web browser (iPad above…not mine!).

Edit : Forgot to add Youtube test video as usual!

9 thoughts on “Larger Mecanum Rover – 3D Print Gallery”

  1. 我是来自中国的一名学生….我制作了一个Mecanum Wheel mini cai….用89S52…舵机价格是1.5美金一个..但是我打印的Mecanum Wheel 很粗糙,你是用什么型号的3D打印机呢?
    I am a student from China …. I made a mecanum Wheel mini cai …. 89S52 … Servo Price is $ 1.50 a Mecanum Wheel .. but I print very rough, you are usingWhat type of 3D printer?
    Google translate 🙂

        1. No but I’ve been to China many many times. The SG90 is a bit small for my liking, I’ve built smaller mecanum wheels using those 9g size servos too 🙂

          1. Do you have url about this 9g size servos mecanum wheels ,I want to refer add to my car. SO, I Want to know You generally use instant messaging tools addition to MSN

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