Australian Battle Group – National Battle Meet 6 June 2009

Model boat fleet fun
Model boat fleet fun

Glorious model warships pounding at each another with cannons, and in the midst of all that is my ‘floating camera’ contraption that didn’t work too well but worked…it floated, it took photos…it lived up to its name…madox Floating Camera

That's no battleship...
That's no battleship...
Nice sunny day, perfectly still water, a lunch box floats with one thruster on to skew it to the 'right'...
Nice sunny day, perfectly still water, a lunch box floats with one thruster on to skew it to the 'right'...

The results weren’t too bad from the onboard video recording, just a few issues with camera alignment and disconnections when using my friend’s laptop (mine ran out of juice).  Here’s a sample clip of the captured footage :-

And one more super nice video courtesy of Andy (aka not me) :-

Read on for more photos and videos


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Video Clips

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Cut 1244255134

Cut 1244255353

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Cut 1244256389

Cut 1244256860

Cut 1244256996

6 thoughts on “Australian Battle Group – National Battle Meet 6 June 2009”

  1. Thanks! I hope you get all the bugs sorted out, it shows the warship hobby from (literally) a different angle.
    You might try applying some bright or flouro colour to the top of the camera boat, as with it’s current black white and red scheme and the dazzle off the water I mistook it for an enemy merchant and very nearly shot it.

  2. Thanks for the pics, there are some good ones there.
    What’s happened to the videos, they’re not there any more?

  3. The videos are there, the ‘original’ ones uploaded on saturday were dodgy and I deleted and replaced them.

    All the videos are on youtube, might be blocked from some workplaces…

    Just added one last 10 minute clip 🙂 The other guy and I copied all the files to RK to give to you guys…go annoy him for them 🙂

  4. A good lot of photos and video clips. It is good to see a collection of current boats. Top work boys, I hope that you can do it next time too.

  5. Hi Madox,
    Good, long clip with some excellent shots of action and ships, especially liked the two Iowa sinks and Byron’s barrage balloon LOL! 🙂
    RK is Ryszard? OK – I might hassle him.

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