HTC Magic USB Tethering

Simple super short post πŸ™‚

HTC Magic tethering is possible with USB without requiring to ‘root’ the phone, simply with Azilink.

Simply follow the instructions on the page!

APN type also needs to be set to ‘default’ for 3G/HSDPA to reconnect itself, leaving it blank means it won’t reconnect πŸ™

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  1. You say “HTC Magic tethering is possible with USB without requiring to β€˜root’ the phone, simply with Azilink.

    Simply follow the instructions on the page!”

    on the azilink page it refers to “Enable USB debugging on the phone. From the home screen, this is under Settings>Applications>Development>USB debugging.”

    While my HTC magic has not yet arrived, this directive on AZilink suggests the use of a rooted developer phone as opposed to using an HTC Magic phone that is not rooted, i.e., “settings, applications, development, usb debugging”. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the terms you are using.


    1. I had my brand new HTC Magic –
      1)Installed Azilink from the APK file
      2)Turned on USB Debugging on the phone
      3)Turned on the Azilink service on the phone (running the program)
      4)Ran the appropriate scripts on my Ubuntu machine
      5)Got on the Internet πŸ™‚

      The only trick is that with Ubuntu, because I couldn’t figure out how to get it working with NetworkManager is force /etc/resolv.conf. See below.

      madox@madox-laptop:~$ cat
      adb forward tcp:41927 tcp:41927
      sudo cp resolv.conf /etc/
      sudo openvpn --config azilink.ovpn
      madox@madox-laptop:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
      domain lan
      search lan

  2. USB debuging is availible on Consumer Android platform phones however, it does not allow you to acess sertain features when you are debugging.

    That is it opens a user shell on the linux kernel

  3. Hello
    thanks for the good tutorial, I am just a little stuck un the openVPN instalation on the host
    when i follow the link, I have the possibility to wohnload the

    my host is on android right ?
    Android uses Linux as its kernel,[74] but according to Google, it is not a conventional Linux distribution

    what do i do wrong ? bad link ?

    1. No, your host is the PC you want the internet connection on, NOT the phone. Azilink is the only thing you need to install on your phone…

      And if you have the new firmware, you don’t even need OpenVPN/Azilink πŸ™‚

  4. Ok. The laptop is host of the modem phone. In my mind the phone was host of the connection.
    I’ll try it out just with the USB cable. If not i’ll install open vpn on the windows xp machine

  5. when inserting the usb cable in the computer adnd the phone
    the phone boost up
    the hardware is not recognized
    found new hardware : a problem occured during
    found new hardware : android phone

    USB mass storage

    ADB install automaticely
    in the meantime phone shows HTC logo
    wizard searches

    phone : ism card is locked unlock successfull
    windows still searching for ADB

    phone USB thingy and tryinbg to sync

    HTC sync not installed !
    windows still searching for ADB

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