HTC Sense UI on HTC Magic

Well I’ve installed the official HTC Magic update with the new Sense UI a week ago and I have to say I’m pleasant amazed at HTC’s work with the Sense UI and how responsive the update is.  Just purely love it.


Other than the annoying thing that I couldn’t download it using Firefox or Linux, and that you need to update using Windows and HTC Sync… its awesome.  Even though it’s a Taiwan ChungHwa ROM, there is an English option luckily 🙂

In addition to the Sense UI and its wonderful feature set, another interesting but hidden away feature is “Mobile Internet Sharing”, aka tethering!  Azilink is now redundant with this new firmware, and honestly I was getting annoyed with Azilink’s performance and constant dropping out.  On Ubuntu at least, it was ‘plug-and-play’ without any other tricks.  Awesome.

Now I’m not so jealous about all the HTC Hero’s my friends and relatives have…

Photos (pretty boring) after the break.

5 thoughts on “HTC Sense UI on HTC Magic”

  1. Hey Madox,

    Sorry to bug you on a old post, but just curious where you found that lovely hidden feature? I suspect the latest ROM from Rogers strips it out somehow(??), but worth asking. As far as I can tell, all the versions are the same or slightly higher than yours, and loving the SenseUI as well, but can’t find the tethering feature and wouldn’t mind dropping Azilink as well.

    From this and another post of yours, I’m assuming NetworkManager picked it up as a USB device and connected. Nice.

    1. Settings->Wireless Controls->Mobile network sharing
      Its right at the bottom under Mobile Network & Mobile network settings.

      Ubuntu picks it up fine, Windows XP/7 does not…
      Comes up as USB Ethernet

      bInterfaceClass 2 Communications
      bInterfaceSubClass 2 Abstract (modem)
      bInterfaceProtocol 255 Vendor Specific (MSFT RNDIS?)
      iInterface 6 HTC Ethernet Sharing

      1. Sigh. Yeah, that was where I was expecting it, but it’s not on my phone. Too bad. I wonder why they either didn’t include it or explicitly removed it for us (Canadian). We’re allowed to tether, at least with Rogers.

        Oh well, maybe it will be there on the next update. We’re supposedly getting an official 2.1 upgrade this year. Or I’ll get bored/adventurous one day and root my phone and get a custom ROM that includes it now. Just a little too nervous currently about turning my phone into a brick. 🙂

        Anyway, thanks for the help. I guess I’m stuck with Azilink but it could be much worse.

        1. I’m using the ‘ChungHwa’ (Taiwanese) ROM in Australia.

          Interesting thing to note was that there was a recent ROM update, which I strangely got over the air (OTA). Which changed the updater to something more refined in my opinion, but with almost no other changes, so it looks like there’s a significant ROM update coming soon 🙂

          1. If you don’t mind me bothering you some more, when did you get that recent ROM update? It’s not that important, but I’m just curious about something.

            The reason I’m asking is something messed up all my UIDs on my phone last week, which most posts seem to say can happen after an update. All my apps could not longer read/write their respective data folder and I ended up wiping the phone and re-installing everything. Seems suspicious to me after you mentioned it, but I didn’t have any log files to check after I wiped the phone. Do you get prompted to run the ROM update or does it happen automatically?

            That whole lack of access to backup the data folder without root is annoying, but that’s another thread. Fortunately I had exported whatever data I could before our SenseUI upgrade that we only received about a month ago, so I was only “out” a bit of data, but still takes time to reconfigure everything 🙁

            BTW It was actually my reinstall/reconfiguration that led me to your post that had gotten me a bit excited about tethering getting easier.

            We’re supposedly getting our 2.1 upgrade by “midyear” according to the PR rep from our carrier. Canada usually lags behind other counties so that’s good news for you 🙂 I’m just happy to hear a rumour that we may be able to get paid apps by next week finally. 😀

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