3D Printed Whistle – Thin & Flat (WTF)

I’m really pushing the limits of my backcronym ability 🙂  I present to you another WTF!  This time a whistle.

The design originally was intended as a pendant for my niece that’s customized with her name and printed using wax and cast into sterling silver… it was originally 3 tone too…

...and pink...

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Chumby + iPhone + Android + Mecanum Wheels

Couldn’t resist extending the software test on the mecanum wheel base…video comes later this time…

The ‘quick and nasty’ software files are still the same as in the previous post.  Pure software test only, couldn’t resist the temptation to try it via WiFi on a stock Chumby instead of USB tethering.  As such the hardware frame is a bit too flimsy and the batteries aren’t enough to power the Chumby without brown-out resets.  These will be improved upon soon 🙂

This demonstrates the ‘touch’ (initialize) and ‘swipe’ (move/offset) control on touch screens.  Will try the DeviceMotion Javascript API on iOS 4.2 devices (iPhone 4G/iPad) if I can get my hands on that filth… 😛

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Yippee 2 – Hyperboloid Stool (Preview)

This is the second ‘thing’ I am making from the Ponoko order I received earlier. I’m calling this post a preview only simply because I am nowhere near finished!  A fusion of laser cutting fun, my most hated subject of math, and cool glowing monofilament is the Hyperboloid Stool [A very expensive replacement for a $5 IKEA stool].

Quad-Hyperboloid - Pink Monofilament <-- That's a mouthful

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