mChumby – Test run

After getting my EasySync USB-Can Adapter it was time to resurrect the mChumby project.  The interface GUI design hasn’t changed much, namely because its been lying idle but I figured it is good enough to try putting it onto the car for a test run.

I didn’t want to fiddle around with getting power to the Chumby, so the test is simply using my trusty old laptop and the EasySync adapter.  Only the speedometer, the tachometer and the accelerator pedal position is attached because again I’m too lazy to fiddle with my cable layout and as such its connected to the Mazda HS-Can bus only rather than the MS-Can where the goodie trip computer information is contained.

Almost every concoction of technology is used ranging from CAN, USB, PHP, HTTP, Shared Memory, XML, Flash, to an obscure programming language called HaXe.  Here is the result :-

The flash movie was set to 6 frames per second and the responsiveness of the data was superb.  I think I’ve stated before that the CAN speed data differs to the one displayed on the instrumentation cluster and this again really shows at higher speeds.

All I need to do now is to try it on a Chumby, there should be no portability issues as I’ve tested both flash and php on the Chumby before.

So does anyone have any comments and suggestions on the GUI and what else I could put on it?

2 thoughts on “mChumby – Test run”

  1. Is this project dead or did you ever get it working on a chumby? I am very interested in continuing where you left off.

    1. I had it working on a Chumby yes… but I haven’t had time to touch up on it to make a custom board.

      I’ve just recently built a Chumby image using OpenEmbedded and might give this another shot by transitioning to pure Python instead of using the abomination that is Flash 🙂

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